Cowgirls Basketball

Girl's Basketball 

2016-2017 NWA
Conference Champions
Undefeated 22-0




 Allee, Kourtney                                                                                 Lindsey, Loren

Bertalotto, Caroline                                                                       Lunningham, Ella

Billings, Anabelle                                                                            Magre, Lauren

Bobbitt, Brooklyn                                                                            Malone, Mia

Cantrell, Talena                                                                               McReynolds, Grace

Clegg, Caitlyn                                                                                    Moore, Laura Kate

Coulter, Carsyn                                                                                 Robinson, Emily

Dabney, Varaie                                                                                 Spangler, Lucy

Dighero, Georgiana                                                                        Suttle, Isabelle

Gaines, Morgan                                                                               Taunton, Kate

Gunnell, Julia                                                                                    Thompson, Aaliyah

Hawkins, Jaelynn                                                                            Thurman, Romani

Houston, Maggie                                                                             Trainor, Ellie

Hughes, Carrigan                                                                             Vargas, Juliette

Keys, Maya                                                                                         Walsh, Olivia

 Remember: There is an open invitation if your name is not on the list to come to spring practices, summer team camps, and fall practices if you want to with the Cowgirls.  See you ladies on May 1st at the first spring practice and bring your Player Contact Information and Athletic Packet.  If you are interested in being a manager for the team I am looking for two managers for next year.