GT Curriculum Current Unit Descriptions
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Junior High School GT Curriculum

Biography:  Students will have the opportunity to choose any biography to read over the first semester. Students will present their biography to their GT class in a creative way after Christmas break.  


1st and 2nd quarters:  ARCHITECTURE 

Students will learn about famous architects and buildings as well as learn essential building tools and skills.  As a final project, students will get to choose whether they want to design and create a building of their choice, or create and design their own original story and pop up book.  Student creations will be displayed at our Architecture showcase in January.


3rd quarter:  Words and Thoughts

During the 3rd quarter, students will explore many different ideas and thoughts.  Students will have a chance to discover some of DaVinci's greatness, explore and create their own poetry, analyze a film, and learn to ask good questions.  Students will also present their biography presentation during this unit. 


4th quarter:  Fast Fun Facts- TED talks

Our final unit of the year will incorporate technology and individual student's passions as they discover and research a topic to present as a TED talk to their class.  Each week, students will utilize new and different technology skills that will help make their TED talk presentation one to be remembered.