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Awards and Recognitions

2016-2017 Round-Up, "Unfiltered"

National Scholastic Press Association
Picture of the Year Finalists: Anna Trumbo and Eliza HapgoodCritique: First Class Rating with Two Marks of Distinction in Coverage and Design

Arkansas Scholastic Press Association
Photojournalist of the Year: Tillie Lefforge
Photojournalist of the Year 2nd Runner Up: Bella Kieklak
Superior Rating: 3 spreads and 2 photos
Excellent Rating: 1 spread and 2 photos
Honorable Mention Rating: 1 spread

Junior High/Middle School National Media Contest
Photo Superior Rating: Anna Trumbo
Photo Excellence Rating: Caitlin Murphy, Lindsey Johnson, Reese Mollner, Eliza Hapgood, and Tillie Lefforge
Photo Honorable Mention Rating: Caitlin Murphy, William Enlow, Hanna Louth, Eliza Hapgood, and Alyssa Smith
Design Excellence Rating: Staff, Kate Gosnell, and Tillie Lefforge
Design Honorable Mention Rating: Eliza Hapgood

Walsworth Publishing
Gallery of Excellence
Theme Gallery
Photo Contest Honorable Mentions: Eliza Hapgood and Ella McCann

2015-2016 Round-Up, "From This to That"

National Scholastic Press Association
Critique: First Class Rating

Arkansas Scholastic Press Association
Overall Yearbook Rating: Excellent

JEA/NSPA National Journalism Convention: Dallas
Best of Show: 9th Place

Junior High/Middle School National Media Contest
Photo Excellence Rating: Abigail Waller and Mackenzie Mollner
Photo Honorable Mention Rating: Mackenzie Mollner and Amelia Peters
Design Excellence Rating: Gracie Hewat, Kenzie Carson, Jenna Beasley, Kennedy Blair, and Abigail Waller

Walsworth Publishing
Gallery of Excellence
Photo Contest Honorable Mentions: Gracie Hewat and Mackenzie Mollner

2014-2015 Round-Up, "This Is It"

Walsworth Publishing
Gallery of Excellence

2017-2018 Woodland Yearbook Staff


Nicole Abram, Nola Bailey, Lauren Bell, Claire Bramlett, RJ Brennan, King Bryan, Gillian Fast, Emma Gardner, Hadley Humphry, Mia Kieklak, Ellie Lambert, Finn Lawless, Rose Long, Addison McArdle, Breanna McArdle, Avery Norris, Jaycee Petrone, Ariadna Ramirez, Sam Roach, and Emily Woodard

2016-2017 Woodland Yearbook Staff
16-17 Staff

Whit Davenport, William Enlow, Kate Gosnell, Eliza Hapgood, Marleigh Hayes, Lindsey Johnson, Bella Kieklak, Tillie Lefforge, Hanna Louth, Frances Mathis, Chloe Mathis, Ella McCann, Anna McCredy, Reese Mollner, Ella Moss, Caitlin Murphy, Alyssa Smith, and Avery Weilert