EBook and Digital Audio Books Instructions

E Book Collection -Link to Axis 360 Website1. If you have any questions, please email jackie.martin@fayar.net.

2. The librarian can help you set up an account in Axis 360, Blio and Acoustik. Students will be given account information or may contact the library for account information. Or students can follow the instructions below How to Create Accounts<insert doc here>.

3. Use the instruction documents below on how to login, checkout books and to install software or an app to access the eBooks from your own device.

4. If you are using a Nook, please use the special Nook Instructions below. There are also special instructions to install Blio on Kindle Fire devices. Kindles will NOT work at all with our eBooks.

How to Use the Magic Wall Install Blio on Kindle Fire or Android Device<insert doc here>

Downloading eBooks on a Nook<insert doc here>